Houses of Walls,

Neumann Wolfson Gallery

Anthology Being,

Kravets Wehby Gallery

Cardboard Lamb, 

Kravets Wehby Gallery


Kravets Wehby Gallery

 Inside the Cosmic Motion Picture Projector,

 John Connelly Presents

Hall of Loss, Installation view, 

A New High in Getting Low, John Connelly Presents 

Science Fiction, 

Hiromi Yoshii Gallery

Justin Samson

John Connelly Presents

Magical Mystery Mountain Man,

Installation view,  assume vivid astro focus IX, 

De La Cruz Collection

Lords of the North, Installation view, 

Incantations, Metro Pictures 

Astral Projections, Aural Protection, and Transcendental Preparation, collaboration

with Muffy Brandt, Installation view, Mommy, I'm not an Animal, Capsule Gallery

1954, High Desert Test Sites, Joshua Tree

Installation view, and if you think you see 

with just your eyes you are mad, 

Peres Projects

Installation view, Cave Canem

John Connelly Presents

Installation view, Kult 48 Klubhouse,

curated by Scott Hug, Deitch Projects