Barbra's Vanity Room,

78x60in. acrylic, oil, canvas

Driving Around the City, 

80x124in, acrylic, oil, canvas painted wood frame

Yellow Room with Arches, 

80x62in. oil, canvas, painted wood frame

Blue Room with Fan,

78x60in. oil, canvas

Green Vase,

78x60in. acrylic, oil, canvas, canvas frame

Blue Petals, 

60x48in. oil, canvas

Still Life with Awning,

78x60in. acrylic, oil, canvas

Blue Vase,

72x48in. oil, canvas

House with Tree,

78x60in. oil, canvas

Country House,

78x60in. oil, canvas

Still Life with Vases,

76x96in. oil, canvas

One Night at Fritz's

72x60in. acrylic, oil, canvas

Green Raincoat,

78x60in. acrylic, canvas

Blue Carpet in Yellow Room, 

78x60in. acrylic, oil, canvas

Three Masks,

78x72in. acrylic, oil, polycotton

Memories of Afternoon,

72x60in. acrylic, oil, polycotton